The Big Guns Are Ready.

April 26 – 2019

With Iran threatening to close The Strait of Hormuz over the new sanctions imposed by President Trump,  the US are now moving the big guns into place in hopes of deterring Iran from making such a foolish mistake, it could bring about the destruction of Iran and Ezek 38:5.

Two of the most terrifying war machines ever made by mankind.  Abraham Lincoln and the John C. Stennis aircraft Carriers enter the Mediterranean near the Syrian Coast.


Keeping in mind these Carriers never travel without a full compliment of other ships, Battleships, Missile-ships, and never far away is at least one Nuclear Sub.


In my not so humble opinion there is no way this kind of sabre rattling can continue before someone pulls a trigger to ignite the Third World War.  With Russia now having two ports along the Syrian coast where they are docking their battleships they now find they are pinned in with the two US carriers moving into the Eastern Mediterranean.


China in the meantime sees Russia and the US going at each other –  and while they fight each other China will find it much easier to takeover the US.


We both know the usual thing to happen will be, not much, just a lot of threats and little to no action.  But this will also change one time, maybe this time. One thing is certain;  every thing is in place.  Ezek 38:5 being the most obvious Biblical scenario.


It’s obvious to me that the devil has opened up his attack on Christians and Jews around the world with Islamic terrorism.  He has been able to spiritually control the minds of the leaders of the US Democratic Party and a few Republicans.  Other than the spiritual control of their minds I can think of no other possibility for their wanting to destroy the United States.


While we are looking at the political struggles in the US the majority of the rest of the world is going down fast. Literally millions are starving on this planet and we are concentrated on politics in the US.  Islam is taking over Europe and destroying it. The reason for this lopsided concentration is easy to understand. Without the United States being a strong and healthy Christian nation the rest of the world will find itself without a moral compass.  It’s hard for me to imagine this world without the USA but for those reading this outside the US get ready for that to happen.  For those inside the US you’d better wake up and get ready the best you possibly can to supply needed food, water and protection for your family and loved ones.  Knowing the time in which we now live it is even harder as a believer in Yeshua and being a Jew to imagine this world without Israel.  If you’re a student of God’s precious Word you know how important Israel is to God and should be to each of us as believers.


It should come as no surprise to you to hear me say all hell is about to break loose globally. But the one nation I know will be here to gather the Jews is Israel.  And if I didn’t believe that with all my heart I couldn’t continue with this ministry.  Connie and I have given our all. We have no savings, no pension, no retirement of any kind other than blessed assurance.  And we will continue serving God in this way until He takes us home.  It’s only together that we will save Jewish lives from the coming European holocaust. The devil has been able to persuade many to fall away from supporting His work.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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