The Hard Truth

Aug 9 – 2017
Because of recurring dreams, [after all I am an old man], I’ve decided to step way out of my area of expertise and comfort zone and share with you what I have been seeing not only in night dreams but day visions as well. Most of what I am about to say will resonate with many and others will call me a false prophet. It could well be my own mind trying to put all this insanity together in some understandable form. Well here it is anyway. Pray over it and allow God to show you the truth. More importantly what you should do with it. My suggestion as a brother who cares and loves you is to tell you that it’s time to prepare yourself and family as best you possibly can.

The Devil and those whom he controls are masters at distraction, and you are being inundated with misinformation and lies in order to distract you from the real dangers headed right at you.

And these dangers are the reasons for this report. Or at least it is my belief that I should share with you what I’ve been shown over and over for the past few days – keeping in mind that if what I am about to share with you happens within the near future, there will be no way for me to say I told you so. And if it doesn’t happen sometime soon, again many will be saying I am a false prophet, and let me tell you straight out; I do not consider myself to be a prophet. I just want to be a faithful messenger of the truth.

What I have seen happen is as if it was happening before my very eyes.

While America is being distracted with North Korea and the hope that China will help the US and others to stop North Korea – the real truth is that China wants North Korea to be able to deliver a nuke to the US. China and Russia along with Iran are all conspiring together to destroy the US. While all the attention is being directed at North Korea, China, Russia and Iran are putting their plans into action for a major attack on the US. They know that such an attack has to be coordinated with perfect timing.

The Deep State has been able to get there operatives in place in the White House and take over the flow of information that gets to Trump. The main control center for their operation is the CIA.

I, like many Believers, wanted to believe Trump was America’s last chance. I still believe that. But the truth is that America is not ready to repent for its many sins and abominations before God.

The days ahead will not be easy for America or the world. As for Israel our days before us will be difficult – but with God’s help we will survive. And those who know God’s Word will understand that.

I have two very important things to say before closing. Prepare for your family and pray and understand the importance of Israel in these last days.

God has called this ministry and those whom He has brought together to support it to save as many Jews who will heed the call to come home. We have spent many years getting out the word to European Jewish communities in Cyprus and Turkey. We are known, and they know how to reach us.

But the Devil has been able to persuade many to withhold their support at this crucial time. It is now that God is speaking to all of us of the importance of saving Jewish lives and bringing them home to Israel for the end tines prophecies.

Many things are about to change. Your ability to support this ministry and others in Israel will soon close. As important as that is to this ministry I still feel the need to tell you to prepare for your family, at least in a way they can survive for a short period of time until they can figure out what is really happening. Gen. 12:3

I know that many will unsubscribe because of this report, but if I didn’t send this out I would be a failure in God’s eyes. That I can’t afford! Eternity is a very long time.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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