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The Islamic Invasion of Europe,

A friend of ours sent the following 8 questions to us and I thought they were worth forwarding as they are presented.
One thing I might add is the time for the rescue of European Jews is at hand and I find one of our boats without a motor, the Devil never gives up even when he knows he is a defeated dog. The motor can be replaced quickly but at a cost of over $20k we still have one boat ready for service a 60-foot motor boat but it takes a lot of fuel as it runs 2-360 diesel engines.

Like the rest of the world food prices have gone through the ceiling here in Israel and that has put a real squeeze on the assistance to the families we help ever month, making it harder for us to keep that part of the ministry up.

So much depends on your support, I’m asking you to pray over your support and if the Rauch Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) speaks to you now is the time for your obedience to that calling to bless Israel.
Questions BEING ASKED Behind the Scenes in Europe:

1.) Why would Syrian refugees make the dangerous and extremely long journey to European nations and U.S. (who hold damnable doctrine and life-styles according to the Quran) rather than the Arab nations (who are Islamic oriented) around them?

2.) Why has it taken 5 full years (length of civil war in certain parts of Syria) for Syrians in the particular regions to leave?

3.) Why are refugees tossing out good water and food given to them by western governments on their arrival?

4.) Why are the vast majority of the refugees young men?

5.) Why are the 5 wealthiest Gulf Nations refusing to take even one refugee? What do they know that we don’t?

6.) Could it be this refugee crisis is not really a crisis at all but a Trojan Horse?

7.) Could it be that we could be looking at the most massive Infiltration of Muslims and the religion of Islam the West has EVER seen in History

8.) Could it be this “refugee crisis” is a planned takeover of Islamic Teachings?


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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