The Jewish Community is Doomed.

The Chief Rabbi of Barcelona:
The Jewish Community is Doomed.

Rabbi Meir Bar-hen says it’s time for all the Jews of Spain to leave. That they are no longer safe in Spain, that it has been lost to Islamic terrorists and it’s time to move to Israel. The Rabbi like many others is saying all of Europe is lost.

There are other Rabbi’s in Germany and France who are following in the footsteps of many European Rabbi’s of the 30’s and 40’s who kept telling their congregation that everything will get better and not to leave. They didn’t want to lose their position and congregation and only led their congregations into the Nazi death camps. These Rabbi’s need to wake up and face reality and look at Jewish history. The fact is that it is time for all Jews to come home. God is calling Jews around the world to come home to Israel.

But as I have been preaching for the past few years, many Jews will not leave in time and once again there will be a need for this ministry and others to try to save as many as possible.

We are watching Ezek. 38: 5-6 develop right before our eyes. Turkey has turned against the US and has taken up close ties with Russia and Iran (Persia). Turkey now realizes it is time to stop their disagreements with Iran and fight the Kurds together. At the same time the US and Israel is backing the Kurds in their desires for a Kurdish State.

At the same time Turkey is increasing its funding for Hamas in Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood. We do not have to be an Enstein to see Ezek. 38: 5-6 coming together. Here in Israel we are watching Iran move into the void left by the US and Russian defeat of ISIS. It is all over the Internet that Iran is now building underground weapon factories in Syria believed to be for missiles to attack Israel with. With Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon now controlled by Iran with a reported 200,000 missiles capable to reaching all parts of Israel, and Iran moving into territory near our northern borders with Syria – it is very obvious what the near future holds.

As further proof of Turkey and Iran getting their plans for war together, the Iranian Military Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri just finished a visit to Turkey. With the US supplying the Kurds with assistance and arms the Turkish and Iran Forces are joining forces to fight them.

I hope I don’t need to spell this out any clearer because there are many other factors that point directly to Ezek. 38: 5-6.

Is there nervousness here in Israel of a coming war like we have never seen before? The answer is yes, but there is also certain knowledge that we will defeat the enemies of God and of Israel. The question remains at this time – at what cost?

One thing is certain for this ministry. It is time, even past time, for us to be ready to rescue those, who like before, will not leave in time to fly out and boats will be their only possible way.
Once again I am asking you to pray about your part in this ministry, it is time for very serious prayer. Your support is needed more today than ever.

I also want to ask you to pray about asking others you know that love Israel and the Jewish people to join us in this ministry.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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