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The Muslim Problem in a Nut Shell

June 27-2017
Who would have ever believed that the fall of Europe could happen so quickly? I’ve been preaching that France and Germany would fall to the Muslims for the past 7 years, that the Jews of France and Germany would be running for their lives and today we are seeing that happen as well. We have witnessed in the past couple of years millions of Muslims [mostly young men] march across all of Europe taking over towns and raping the women. It all seems so insane to me. Why haven’t the European men stood up to them? Why haven’t those that love their country and heritage, not declared war on the Islamic invaders? Today, Christians and Jews live in fear and tremble at the thought of fighting these terrorists. Their wives and daughters being raped by young Muslim men and the ones voted into office are the greatest cowards of all for they are elected to be leaders. Instead they have surrendered to Islam and Sharia. The internet is full of videos showing the barbaric savages murdering and beheading Christians and other Muslims who will not submit to ISIS. It seems that instead of infuriating the men of France, Germany, Sweden and others it instead has frightened them into hiding.

There is no easy solution to the Islamic terrorist situation we find ourselves in today. I’ve lived in Israel for decades and will be the first to tell you that not all Muslims want to kill us. There are many Muslims that would leave Islam if given a chance. But for the majority of them in the Middle East and around the world to do so is to subject themselves and family members to being murdered. The majority however have been so indoctrinated and brainwashed that they can’t see any other way to live except as a Muslim. And in that group ISIS finds no problem recruiting by the millions at any given time. And that leaves the Christian or Western world in a terrible dilemma of how to battle such a people. So when we say “moderate” Muslims are okay we are deceiving ourselves and condemning the future of our children. You see Islam means to submit and that is what we do when we accept a religion that clearly says it must kill Christians and Jews.

Many will say they know Muslims and the above isn’t true, I could put myself in that category as well. But the truth is that it is true and unless the civilized western world wakes up to it we are doomed.

By the way, this is not just a European problem, the US has to wake up to what is happening in Dearborn and Detroit Michigan, in Minnesota, Virginia and across the whole of America. The CIA and the FBI have reported dozens of Islamic terrorist training camps across the US. I get emails daily from Australians telling of the Islamic terrorist problems in that country.

In short Islamic terrorism has had a free run for 8 years under Obama to establish and strengthen groups like ISIS and a dozens of others who have been murdering Christians by the tens of thousands with little to no resistance from so-called Christian countries. We seldom look at what is happening in Africa where millions have been, and are being, slaughtered in the name of Islam for the glory and honour of Allah. These young Islamic men don’t know any better. They actually believe they are doing the right thing for their god Allah. They do love death more than we love life and demonstrate it daily by killing at random men, women and children. The Devil is in complete control of their mind, soul and body.

Here in Israel we are now seeing daily tank and mortar shelling across our northern border with Syria and Lebanon. Daily we are told that Hezbollah and Iran together are going to destroy us, “no we don’t believe that” but we do believe this coming war will be by far the worst Israel has ever witnessed and that many will die. Today we saw on Israel TV a missile fired by the IDF and watched it directly hit and destroy a Syrian Tank near our border after they had fired missiles into the Golan area of Israel.
This is now happening on a daily basis and seems to be escalating. With the war winding down somewhat in Syria – all that fire power now in the hands of the Muslims I described above have only one thing in common and that is to destroy Israel. It is a very dangerous time for Israel.

Our military general’s are reporting that the IDF and IAF are at least 10 times stronger and better prepared than in the last Lebanon war and that much of Lebanon will be completely destroyed in short order. The ISIS threat developing on our southern borders and Hamas in the Gaza will be handled much differently this time and that it will be quick and devastating.

Unlike all the previous wars Israel has endured this one is far more dangerous and one which must be handled very quickly or Israel could lose and that is not an option for the Jewish people.

With that in mind, and believing that to be the case, this ministry has set up different possibilities for rescuing Jews who will be running for their lives out of Europe. Israel will still be here and our enemies will be destroyed and the Jews of Europe will have no other place to run but home to Israel.

We now have only two 60-foot boats. One now in Turkey that needs to be moved and the other here in Israel. The one in Turkey still has bills to pay for repairs that we are praying over. We have a few others, who have said they will be ready to help, but they will need our knowledge accumulated over the years and contacts and communications in order to be useful, and for the most part they will need some financial assistance.

The most likely scenario at that time here in Israel we will be recovering from the war. Our international airport in Tel-Aviv will be completely out of service and in great need of repairs. Food distributions will be for the most part non existent and for that reason we have been trying to build up some food supplies but have for the most part failed in doing that for lack of finances.

It’s obvious that the war will begin soon, and we know we are not financially ready to do the things we must be able to do to save Jewish lives.

I am praying that God will touch the hearts of those He has brought to this ministry to sacrifice and support in the largest gifts possible. This is so very serious and urgent. Please pray with me over this.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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