Our New YouTube Channel Format and More!

The Golden Report (TGR)

This newsletter is to inform you of some exciting changes to our YouTube Channel.  The main reason for this channel is to give you, the viewers, a chance actually see this beautiful and spiritually significant land of Israel.  What I did not expect was how much of a blessing it has become to me.  It has turned into a wonderful responsibility to bring the Word of God alive to you, our subscribers, through video.

For the past 6 months every Friday morning US time, we have uploaded a video that takes you on a tour with us, showing you and explaining the history of a site in Israel.  So be sure and visit this channel to experience Israel as if you are on a tour with us.  At the end of these videos, we have a TGR News segment to keep you updated and informed from our point of view, of what is happening here in the State of Israel.

Our future plans will change to include three videos a week. The first video, that will be uploaded every Friday morning US time and will give be the TGR News only again, from our point of view.  The reason for creating TGR News is to give you the news while it is still fresh and relevant. So tune in to TGR News on our “The Golden Report (TGR) YouTube Channel!

Our second video of the week, will be a Tour of Israel with commentary and this will be published at different times during the week, so be sure to subscribe to our channel so you do not miss out on these tours or news.

Our third video for the week, will be the same historic “Tour of Israel” video as above, but as a 360º video.  This allows you to experience the same place in a more immersive and personal way. Not everyone can view these videos, you must be able to raise the quality of these video to view HD in the video settings.

Another important change for our subscribers, both on YouTube, and our website, is the ability for you to donate  on a  monthly plan.  We set up a Patreon account that allows you to do exactly that.  We have different donation tiers that you can sign up for or you can click on the custom plan and set up your own.  For the Supporters that go through Patreon, when you set up your monthly plan you will receive merchandise with our TGR Logo.  T-Shirts, mugs, sweatshirts and, or shopping bag, (see below) this is a service that Patreon provides for us as a way of thanking you for your donation.  We are not able to do this with other means of support.  This information is located on our YouTube Channel, or the “Support Us” page on our website.


For those of you asking, we also created a donation plan for those of you who want to donate using PayPal.  You can choose to donate any amount, or sign up for a monthly donation.  Just visit our “Support Us” page on our website.

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We want to thank our supporters in the past and ask that you continue to support this ministry, as we are called to bring our precious Jewish people home in the end times.

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Please Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for all the soldiers in Gods Army.


Jerry and Joel Golden


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