The Rain is coming

The Rain is coming!

On the Just and Unjust alike.


There is only one way to escape the coming tribulations, and the Ark has a name Yeshua, our salvation. For the Jews unable to get out of Europe before the coming Holocaust God has established this and other ministries to assist them and without our help surely they will perish.

I am asking you to set aside some time today too pray about your calling to assist the The Golden Report in rescuing as many as we possibly can.  We have been under satanic attack and without your prayers and financial support we will fail because this is a Body Ministry, a Body called together by God.

Under the guidance of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) we have spent much time, finances and preparation to save Jewish lives.  Some are asking why boats like this, to understand please read this as you know time is running out to be prepared to set sail in rescue operations we need to hear from you.

The larger boat is needed, but if need be we will have to go with what we have accomplished with boats, connections and communications in hopes of being able to be able to have the necessary resources and finances.

Our success or failure will directly relate to the response to our obedience to God’s call Gen. 12:3.

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Shalom, jerry golden

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