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The Time for Action and Total Commitment is now!

Jan 31-2016
Over the past few days I have been in deep and serious prayer as to how and when all the arrangements we put into place over the past few years to save Jewish lives would go into full scale operation.

I’ve had reoccurring dreams of picking up Jews from the Island of Cyprus which is only 190 miles from Israel. In prayer I have asked God “why do I keep having dreams of only saving Jews from the island of Cyprus”. Almost without fail the same dream would come to me again that same night. Then it started occurring to me; we can make it to Cyprus with two of our boats in one day using very little fuel if the winds were not in our favor. To make a trip to Europe takes possibly weeks and the amount of provisions and Jews we can take aboard would be limited because of space for them and a small amount of luggage, also the arrangements can change while we are under sail leaving us in a very dangerous situation. But things would happen very quickly on trips to Cyprus, we would also be within range at all times of the Israel Navy if help was needed. We also have safe houses in Cyprus for holding and contacts making it safer for the Jews and for us as well.

Connie and I are planning another trip to Cyprus in the coming days to make arrangements with those we are in contact with, and have communications in place. In our spirits we feel a move of the Holy Spirit that it is time to concentrate our efforts in one place and make it known to the Jews we are in contact with and inform others where we can arrange pick ups and bring them home to Israel. Many will be able to make it to Cyprus. In fact far more than our ability to save with the limited boats we now have. But at least we can make many trips back and forth from Israel to the island. Of course, our greatest desire is to be able to purchase a larger boat. But at this time we are really hurting financially, and even trips to Cyprus will drain us of what little we have to buy fuel and provisions.

It is amazing even after over 40 years of walking with the Messiah and being moved by the Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh), that so often we think we know what we are doing when at the same time God is having His way in all things regardless of our great self imposed intelligence. It now seems so obvious that all we have done is to get ready for this operation possibly in the coming days.

Our best boat is in the process of having the motor replaced. The cost for this is running over $20,000 and that is for a used motor, but the Caterpillar people guarantee us it is a good motor. We have a few other things that need to be done to bring it up to a seaworthy condition.

The Time for Action and Total commitment is now for everyone God has called to bless Israel through this end time ministry to save Jewish lives. Pray about your part today, time is running out for us to be prepared.

The best way at this time is by personal cheque and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about security you can register the letter. You can send Personal or Bank Cheques by airmail or registered mail. Money Orders are O.K. but U.S. Postal Money Orders cannot be cashed outside the USA. Send all check payable to Jerry Golden.
Jerry Golden
PO Box 10268
Jerusalem 91102 Israel

Western Union Money Transfers

It is another way to support this Ministry with your gifts. We recommend that the amount stays under $5,000 USD. You simply have to send it to Jerry Golden, in Israel. They will give you a number that you can email to me so I can pick it up at any Western Union Office.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

We do not use PayPal. They illegally withheld this ministry’s money for over 3 years, to know more about Paypal click on www.paypalsucks.com

Bank Transfer Information:
It is no longer possible to make bank transfers to our bank. We are trying to make other arrangements but the banking regulations are getting almost impossible Thanks to Mr. Obama.
We are working on an Amutah (non-profit) status here in Israel, once that is established it will then be possible to make bank transfers again.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, Jerry Golden

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