The voices of victory!

I normally do not talk about my experiences in the military but just recently The Golden Report YouTube Channel received many praises on a video we put out about the War of Independence and I realized that you seem to be interested in some of those details that I (can) speak about without overstepping any security boundaries.  

I have fought on the battlefields in the wars for the Nation of Israel for over 20 years and still on call at any moment. The amount of training my unit went through was an amazing array of skill training with an underlined emotional conditioning to get us ready for the missions to come. After about 2 years of special operations training, we were finally missions ready. One thing I can tell you that is true beyond a shadow of a doubt is that no amount of training no matter how advanced and intense can come close to the real deal.

Something that I have seen in all the years of fighting in wars is that the general public seems to have an idea about winning and losing that is not realistic. People usually claim victory after their country comes out on top. For example, in this past 11-day war, Israel had with Hamas the Israeli public feel victorious. I never felt victorious after any mission we went on, I always felt like both sides lost just one side lost less. In the YouTube video Castle on our channel, I show a memorial of 13 dead soldiers from a mission I was in. They were from the regular infantry and found themselves at the wrong time in the wrong place. I heard their fear over the radio but they were just to far away to get there quickly. I had just finished an important step in the complicated 2-day mission we were on when I looked around me and saw I had no armored military vehicle at my disposal so without thinking I commandeered a pickup truck and took off in the tight streets filled with many enemy combatants towards the fellow soldiers in trouble. By the time I got there, 13 of them had been killed and there were 4 left alive completely filled with fear. I was able to get the bodies in the truck and told the other 4 to change to full magazines and just fire without a break until we were out. Once I made it out of that area and back to my guys we called in transport to get them out of there. So I can tell you even though we won that war, we lost a lot. I could not help myself but think of those 13 shattered families as I unloaded the 13 dead IDF soldiers’ bodies.

On a personal note and to get sidetracked for a second, it is really difficult for me to write newsletters in general and near impossible for me to communicate my experiences in the military. The reason I am doing this is that I understand the importance of doing so for this Ministry. I can not explain in words how heavy of a burden God has placed on my heart to help in every way possible his chosen people the Nation of Israel.

So to get back to the subject at hand, as you can see I don’t feel victory on the battlefields as I don’t think you should either. The only victory is the one we achieve with ourselves when we can get out of our own way and become more in tune with God and what he has planned for us. I don’t know about you but the path that God has planned for me is usually filled with obstacles. You could just imagine what it is like talking to Rabbis around the Mediterranean countries about a Christian organization that wants to round up Jews and stick them on a boat, but Amen God always opened the door to make it happen.  

With antisemitism growing to the point that today we are dealing with more violent outbreaks than in the days before WWII it is as clear as day to everyone everywhere Jews are in trouble. The time has come to be ready at any given second to go on rescue missions. My entire life has been getting me ready for this mission, being raised in a family devoted to God’s work and with all the training plus experience in the military I am ready and doing my part, that is the real victory in life.  

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of God’s soldiers. 


Joel Golden


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