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There are two things the enemies of Israel is not considering,

Here in Israel our major concern is the fact that ISIS is closing in on us from all fronts. In the Egyptian Sinai Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas is building a formidable military force with the assistance of Iran who has just become free to make all the money they need to support terrorism – not only here in the middle East but around the world.

Now we see Russia giving Hezbollah in Lebanon new, sophisticated missiles for their fight against Israel on land and on sea. With Iran’s new financial strength to build even greater amounts of missiles and rockets to attack Israel things are not looking good for the Jewish state.

There are, however, two things the enemies of Israel are not considering, One – God and His Word and more to the point His Prophetic Word; they will be destroyed when they come against Jerusalem.

Two – they have no idea what Israel has in store for them. Enough said on that subject.

With all that said I must confess my concern has to do with a calling from God by way of the Rauch Ha Kurdish (Holy Spirit) to save as many Jewish lives as we possibly can by rescuing European Jews by boat.

We started yesterday working on replacing the motor in our 60-foot Gullet. If the weather doesn’t become a factor the new motor should be in place in a week to ten days. The total cost for the motor and the mechanics runs around $20k. Money we cannot afford to spend at this time and we are doing it on faith knowing that God would not have us without the boat to save lives.

It is also important to say at this point that the Devil is well aware of the crucial end time events and he has been busy trying to destroy this ministry knowing the time for a full scale operation of Jewish rescue of European Jews is at hand. We are being attacked from all sides. Our finances are at an all time low at a time when we are being called to action. When the action really begins we will lose contact with you by email and websites. It is now that your support is most important; I pray you will not be deceived by the liar who seeks to destroy the souls of men.

There has never been a time when your support is needed more than today. Pray about your support of this ministry.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all The IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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