There is a Hook in Putin’s Jaw.

There is a Hook in Putin’s Jaw.

Ezekiel 38:4

I don’t want to waste your time in a long recap of the past month with the Ukraine and Russia situation. I am sure that you are all up to speed. Instead, I feel a heavy responsibility to keep you updated on how all of this is directly affecting us and the Ministry. After saying that let’s start with a little recap of the past few days. President Putin has claimed that two regions in Ukraine are now no longer part of Ukraine and are sovereign countries. Of course, this is completely illegal and is unheard of. These regions are on the Eastern side of Ukraine right on the Russian border. These regions are Donetsk and Luhansk. Right in the middle of the Donetsk region is a small town with a Jewish community of 5,000. Now I am not going to tell you that this is the beginning of the end times or we are at the beginning of WWIII. I do not have that kind of knowledge. We will leave that to Yeshua. We can promise you that the Jews living in Donetsk now feel as if the world is coming to an end without any hope of salvation. What many of them don’t know is The Golden Report has been getting ready for years and putting in place a plan to save them. I have been in contact with the Rabbi of that community and am putting a customized plan together for the rescue of these Jews in case the expected happens and they are not allowed out while communist Russia takes over and starts persecuting them.


We have all heard my father Jerry Golden talk about how we have spent the last few years getting boats ready for such a mission and all the planning with the connections of the people needed to make such a mission possible. What we have all heard him talk about is how after all that work what we need now more than anything are the finances to make these trips with all the previsions needed, well, folks now is the time to invest in Gen:12:3. We know that if the needed finances don’t come in then we would be put in a position to choose which lives we can save and tell European Jews we can’t come and get you. Your help is needed because your donation no matter how large or small will affect the outcome.  As asked from us by God we will complete this mission with faith that He will provide because we know God does nothing apart from faith and we read in Rom. 1:17 The just shall live by faith.  Now is the time for you to reach deep and give a sacrificial gift, you now have the option of using  Patreon


When God gave me the added vision of feeding the hungry children in Israel my dad said this is just like God to test us in a time of our greatest needs.  God never calls us to connivance but always to in-connivance.  This may seem to be impossible but we know God would not have called us to do it without showing us the way and speaking to His people to help save Jewish lives, and now even feed them.


This situation is a time-sensitive matter as you can imagine. We are anxiously awaiting your reply.


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