Things are moving very fast

President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt has a really big supporter, his name is Obama. It would be very hard to believe that Obama isn’t aware that Morsi makes statements such as “Jews are descendants of apes and pigs”, that “Israel must be totally destroyed”, and that “all Muslims should teach their children to hate Jews”. The Egyptians school textbooks are full of Jew hatred teaching their children that to kill Jews will please Allah. It is worth mentioning that the same teaching is in the “Palestinian” textbooks as well, showing that there is absolutely no interest on the Arab side in ever having any kind of peace with the Jewish State of Israel.

We are hearing here in Israel that Obama’s administration will deliver 20 of the best F-16 fighter jets to Morsi. America has already delivered over 200 fighter jets to Egypt knowing that they have no other reason for such a large airforce other than to go to war with Israel. I also read at the same time of the delivery of the jets that several hundred tanks will be delivered as well. Without this new delivery Egypt already has more fighter jets than Israel (thanks to America, Germany, Russia, North Korea and China).

In the past years I have always said it would be Egypt that would lead the charge against Israel in the coming war, and that war seems very close today. The few times I have travelled to Cairo by bus from Israel it was plain to see that the destroyed tanks from the 1967 war were still sitting in the open desert as a reminder of that war. They don’t move them because they want to remember – and for a reason; they want revenge. Morsi is also head of the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist organization – yet Obama calls him a friend. The Muslim Brotherhood established Hamas in Gaza, and he tells them that there will be no peace with the descendants of apes and pigs; they must be destroyed.

As you know, we here in Israel just had a new election, in which Likud (Netanyahu’ party) didn’t do so well. They lost 11 seats but still remain the strongest party with 31 seats, but it takes 61 seats to form a new government. At this time, because of the loss of the 11 seats, the left and the right are even at 60 seats each. This is making it very difficult for anyone to form a government without making a deal with the religious party Shas, and as usual they are for sale to the highest bidder.

Most Israelis have come to the conclusion long ago that no amount of land for peace ill give us peace. That peace can only come through strength, and if weakness is shown to the Arab Muslims war happens very quickly. Now with the results of this election it puts the doves in a position to force the government to make more concessions to the Arabs, meaning more land for peace, making Israel weaker with each deal made with those who hate us. The good news, and maybe the up side to this election, is Yesh Atid who has surprised everyone and if he stands true to his word it will help Netanyahu form a new government with his 19 seats. But this also brings the new government back towards the center and way from the right.

It is not only our Islamic enemies on all of our borders, we are also watching Europe turn Islamic. I read an article in the Jerusalem Post the other day that said Muslim “modesty patrols” are patrolling the streets of London making sure all their women are dressed from head to toe showing no skin, and never making eye contact with a man.

Holland, France, Greece and others are surrendering more very day to Muslims. All of Europe will one day be Islamic.

Now with the election of the second term of Obama we will see further destruction of the US military. Not only is it now legal for homosexuals to be in the military but women are now going to be allowed to be among combat front line troops. I wonder how many reading this believe that men and women are equal physically and emotionally in a combat situation?

Many are asking how it could be that Obama got elected; many say the election was rigged and crooked. Well maybe so, but I will tell you the way I see it, and I know someone will call me a racist for saying this, but those who know me know I am not a racist. There is nothing new about his tactics. It’s called divide and conquer. We know that 98% of all Blacks voted for him because of the color of his skin, (that is racist) we know that 90% of all Hispanics voted for him for reasons of race and citizenship. But the hardest thing for me to understand is how the Devil, through his power of spiritual mind control, has been able to take over the minds of the Liberal Democrats by the millions who seem to have lost all the ability to see the truth of this impostor.

There is however something the Republicans should be very thankful for, that they didn’t win the election. Because what has been put into place for the near future in the USA cannot be stopped and had they won, all that is about to happen would be blamed on them. Unlike Obama they wouldn’t have been able to blame it on their predecessor.

So with Egypt and Iran visiting each other [when just months ago they were bitter enemies], and Iran in a really bad situation in Syria – bringing their Hezbollah into play in that civil war – we now see Russia lining up 16 war ships along the Syrian coast, telling the Americans “don’t you dare even think about it”.

It is a fair guess that Israel is in real trouble, but we are not outnumbered. You see, with God on your side you are the majority.

Something very interesting is developing in Turkey as well. The Jewish community in Istanbul are becoming very uncomfortable as more anti-Semitic violence is occurring. I have had a very hard time moving one of our boats away from that area. It is now becoming easy to see that God once again has been blocking the moving of that boat for a reason. These Jews will need help getting to Israel when the war begins. This also makes the purchase of a much larger vessel necessary.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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