Time for Serious Decisions!

Someone asked me the other day why I was so concerned about what Obama is doing in the US. It’s not necessary for me to tell the readers of this report that Obama’s agenda is to destroy the US Constitution and the country as a whole. But then I know I am preaching to the choir. His agenda is to force the homosexual lifestyle onto the US military and the general public. To destroy the economy of the US through massive debt. To ultimately divide and then control all sectors of society.

The same person then asked me what all the above had to do with what is happening in Israel. The answer to that is simple. Everything! Not only is the US the best and most important friend of Israel in this insane world we now find ourselves living in- but what happens to the US Dollar effects the entire world. It would be hard to find a serious economist who won’t tell you that the dollar is doomed and will fail “soon”.

We just returned from another trip to Turkey and like the rest of the world they would much rather prefer the Euro to the dollar. In fact most people who have money are transferring their dollar accounts into Euro accounts. Banks around the world are making it harder to cash or deposit checks written in dollars. One teller at a bank here in Israel told me that Obama should be sending her a pay check to cover all the extra paper work she has to do. All the above is having a really drastic effect on ministries who depend on donations. The banks in Israel just don’t want to hear the word “donations”. To them it means missionary work and the converting of Jews.

While in Turkey we looked at a Turkish Gullet (boat) much larger than the one we now have. Five years (new) ago it sold for over one million dollars. Now, because of the downturn of the charter business the owner has put it up for sale at $350,000. This boat could transport many Jews home to Israel in the very near future. The first thing I thought of was the timing of the possible imminent failure of the dollar. This makes it so important for that boat to be purchased very soon – or not at all with dollars.

Today we have a civil war raging on our northern and southern borders, and our prime minister threatening to take on the Iran nuclear threat alone without any help from the US. At the same time Obama is supporting the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt and the Islamic terrorists in Syria, and telling Iran that he will lighten up the sanctions placed upon them.

Over the years we have tried to always help support 3 needy Jewish families at a time. Trying all the while not to allow that part of the ministry to interfere with our main priority; the saving of European Jews who will soon be running for their lives knowing that another Holocaust is closing in on them. But we have found a way to buy larger volumes of staples like Beans and Rice and a few other basics at a lower cost and pack them in such a way to easily distribute them. After praying we have decided that God is leading in this part of the ministry and knowing that we can only go forward with this by faith – for our finances are at an all time low and we are still praying for the larger boat.

Because of attrition and the necessity for some of our people to move locations, we now find it necessary to replace some of them around the Eastern Mediterranean. This requires some extra travel and communication, and puts demands on finances which we don’t have at this time.

Pray for a the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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