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Timing is Important

God’s Timing is Perfect

Those of us who have been called to ministry know that there is a huge difference betweenour timing and God’s timing. We might feel good about what we are doing, and possibly even believe it to be instep with God’s leading.Yet when it isGod’s timing there is asense of the divine about it that can be felt in spiritual ways that arebeyond our human understanding.

During40 years of ministry there have been many spiritual breakthroughs in nearly all of that time. I’ve discovered that what I thought to be a truth was only part of the truth, and the rest of the story could have only been understood by those who have the spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear. This always brings into my mind the thought that even though I believed I knew something – there was often much that I didn’t see or understand. Right now this is the case once more. Is there more to know about God and His leading? The answer has to be a resounding “Yes”! With that said, I will now share with you the following;

I was shown by the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) long ago that Europe was headed for another Holocaust and that Jews would once again be hunted down and murdered. That Islam would threaten all of Europe in such a way that Jews would not be able to safely walk down the streets of London or Paris. I was told that could never happen -that I was crazy. Nevertheless, the day of that horrible reality is on the horizon and the days are now numbered before Jews will be running for their lives. God will bring His people the Jews home to Israel either by the fishermen or the hunters.

For the past few years we have been very busy preparing two old boats.Making them seaworthy and capable of carrying Jews home safely across the Mediterranean Sea to Israel. We have made many contacts and established communications and safe houses; we have always found our hardest obstacle has been to convince the Jews of Europe to let go of what they believe to be their security, and follow their Jewish heart and come home. But like the 30’s and 40’s many will simply wait too long. God has called us to prepare to save as many as we can when that soon coming day arrives.

As war looms over Israel including the threat of thousands of missiles being launched from Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Gaza, one thing is certain.Theonly international airport in Tel-Aviv will becomeunavailable tocommercial aircraft. This will leave only the sea as an avenue for Jews to come home.

I was informed yesterday that our 60 foot vessel which has been under repair in dry dock is now back in the water. She will be ready for us to pick up in about two weeks. The remaining cost is around 25,000 Euros and we were concerned that we would not have that amount to pay the bill. Much less buy the larger boat needed for this ministry. Yet something in God’s perfect timing took place once again. A person we didn’t know came to Jerusalem and said thatGod had directed him to give us a checkwhich more than covered the cost of the repairs, and alsogave us a wonderfulboosttoward the purchase of the larger boat.

Another sign of what is to come soon is thatEuropean Jews, and Jews from other parts of the world, have been contacting us and asking a lot of questions. What my spiritual ears are hearing is God’s perfect timing. Get ready -the fireworks are about to begin.

Concerning recent events occurring in London,an interesting video came across my desk today In France things are even worse. In some districts of Paris the Muslims have completely taken over and enforced Shariah law. In Holland Jews live in fear and this same story is being repeated across all of Europe.

The one thing that is very obvious is that our two boats are not nearly large enough and we must continue to pray for the larger 40 meter Gullet. As I have reported many times now,the cost for such apre-owned boat today,due tothe depressedeconomy in Turkey, is around 400,000. It would be capable of carrying more than twice the number ofpeople that we could currently bring home to Israel.

Beginning in the next couple ofweeks I will be doing a lot of traveling -establishing new contacts, and touching base with many who have joined with us. We need more contacts in the Greek islands, on the Turkish coastline, and inCyprus. Setting up communications is also expensive and cannot be spoken of too strongly.

If you have heard from God about this ministry we need to hear from you. May God bless you for your love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF Soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

Jerry Golden


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