Today 700 Rockets fired out of Gaza into Israel.


May 4 – 2019


Hamas have been firing rockets into Israel sense early this morning.  Several homes have been hit as far north as Ashdod.  Air raid sirens have been blasting all day keeping hundreds of thousands in bomb shelters and safe room in their homes in most cases they have as little as 10 seconds to find cover before the rockets hit them.  And the Iron Dome has shot down the majority of the rockets but even then all that metal from the rockets falls straight down into the Jewish communities.


Netanyahu is faced with a very serious decision, for one thing he hasn’t formed an approved government yet and is still working with the parties needed to from a coalition,  But this isn’t as important to him now as the celebrations on the 8th as Memorial Day, then the next day the 9th is the celebration of Israel’s Independence Day.  To top that off he has the Eurovision and tens of thousands coming who may cancel in the event of a war.  So to start a full blown war right now seems like bad timing, but that is what Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are counting on.


What is also surprising is the Muslims are getting ready to start their month of Ramadan.


It’s a tough decision for Netanyahu, for the residence of south Israel and now that Hamas has shown they now have rockets that can hit targets in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and further.


Maybe the thing most on his mind is Hezbollah is now waiting for the right time to launch an attack from the north on all of Israel with a reported 200,000+ rockets and missiles that can hit every inch of Israel and they could be waiting for Israel to get into a heavy war in Gaza to attack from the north.  Netanyahu knows that both Hamas and Hezbollah are taking their orders from Iran, and with Trump putting the squeeze on Iran’s economy maybe it is a good time for them to attack Israel to change the game plan.  The world knows Iran with their Shiite Islam would be more than willing to commit suicide and that is what they will do when they hit Israel I don’t believe however that the majority of the Iranian people would agree to that but they will have no say in the matter.


Israelis know that there is a war coming and a really big one, and the longer Israel waits allowing them to continue to build up their forces on our borders the harder it will be to defeat them.  So the average Israeli is wondering now why does Israel wait to be attacked first.


Netanyahu now has to make up his mind, should he fight Hamas in a full all out attack and this time finish the job so we can live in peace without being shelled every other month or week.  Or should he once again bomb a bunch of empty building in Gaza and act like that is enough for now just so he can have all his celebrations.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers/  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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