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Turkey Trip, New Boat

Our trip to Turkey was productive and our return to Israel was before Yom Kippur – giving us time to fast and reflect on relationships with others and mostly with our God and Messiah. The prayers offered up for our safety were honored by God and were felt in a powerful way.

We are in the process of purchasing the third boat for the Ministry. It is not the larger one I have envisioned but a faster one making it possible to make quicker trips between Israel Cyprus and Turkey. It has a 540 mile range and travels at 35 mph. This boat will also give us the possibility of leaving Israel in the event of our other boats being elsewhere in the Mediterranean. It will also give us the ability to come to the rescue of one of the other boats in the event of an emergency.

This purchase does not negate the need of the larger boat; it simply gives us a wider and rapid response when the need arises. We have seen several 30 meter Gullets in Turkey priced in the $400k range that would give us the ability to save many more, and our prayers will continue to go up for these lives.

As I have so often stated, we have no idea how much time we have to prepare before all hell breaks loose here in Israel and throughout the Middle East. We are also aware that when it does happen it will not only be the Middle East that will descend into chaos – but much of the world also. The United States will be hit by the Islamic terrorists assisted by Iran, Russia and China. Things are now on the verge of changing forever. The world we grew up in does not exist anymore. The changes to come will be worse than any of us can imagine. We have today to prepare, we have today to be obedient and bless Israel and the Jewish people. God cannot and would never lie, His promises are real and His Word is forever.

Connie and I pray for America because we know the Church has fallen asleep and failed in its commission to evangelize and feed the poor and help the widows. For the most part it has turned into a religious social club where the ‘elect’ have become the ‘elite’. Where Pastors fear their congregations more than they fear God.

We also know that God’s judgement and cleansing first begins in His own house, and Israel has some really terrible days ahead before they repent and turn back to God. Yet they will. Those Jews who come home to Israel will find a nation which has returned back to God. The Pharisees who now control much of the Jewish Institutions in Israel will be on their faces before a Holy God repenting for their sins. A time of great sorrow is moving upon all the earth as God prepares for the appearance of the Messiah. But God has given us this day to listen and be led by His Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) for He will give us the strength to overcome – and God will have great joy in our obedience to Him in these last days.

For the ones contacting me today in hope of being rescued, I say this to you; today you can come home to Israel on commercial flights. Please come home to Israel now. Don’t wait until the last minute for the room aboard our vessels will be limited. Certain information cannot be put in one of these emails or reports. We are doing all we can to establish contact with European Jews in safe and secure ways. Our finances are limited but God is not.

For those who want to send a donation to this ministry, you must know it is not Tax Deductible, we have no connection with the IRS and want to keep it that way.

Banking regulations for bank transfers are getting very difficult for any amount over $10k. Personal cheques are still the best, quickest and cheapest way. We ask you to pray asking God for direction in your giving, So much depends on your obedience.

If God has been speaking to you about supporting this ministry in Israel, we welcome your support.

The best way at this time is by personal cheque and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about security you can register the letter.

You can send Personal or Bank Cheques by airmail or registered mail. Money orders are also okay, with the exception of US Postal Money Orders. They are not accepted outside of the US. All other cheques and money orders can be sent TO:

Jerry Golden

PO Box 10268

Jerusalem 91102


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