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Ukrainian Jews Need Help Now

Feb. 28, 2014

Most reading this will know of the horrible situation in the Ukraine, the Ukrainians are no strangers to this kind of political upheaval. They also are well aware of how serious it can become.

Ukrainian Famine

The death toll from the 1932-33 famine in Ukraine has been estimated between six million and seven million. According to a Soviet author, “Before they died, people often lost their senses and ceased to be human beings.” Yet one of Stalin’s lieutenants in Ukraine stated in 1933 that the famine was a great success. It showed the peasants “who is the master here. It cost millions of lives, but the collective farm system is here to stay.

“Today Ukraine finds itself in the same situation with Russia threatening to cut off all support, fuel and assistance of any kind if they turn towards the West and not to Russia for help.

Ukraine Urged Jews to Flee Kiev

After Attack One of Ukraine’s Chief Rabbis, Moshe Reuven Asman, urged Jews to leave capital city Kiev following a reported anti-Semitic attack on two Chabad yeshiva students in the city last month, Israeli daily Ma’arivreported. “I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state… there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions,” Asman said, adding, “We have been told by the Israeli Embassy to not go outside.” Many members of Kiev’s Jewish community live within walking distance of the main square in the city that has recently become the focus of anti-government riots, according to Ma’ariv. In recent days, chaos has gripped the area following the escalation of violence between government security forces and members of the opposition, with institutions around the city closing and subways no longer operating.

While Chief Rabbi Asman has been forced to close down the city’s Jewish schools, he continues to conduct three prayer services daily in his synagogue, Ma’arivsai. “The situation here is dire,” said Yossi Asman, a Chabad yeshiva student and son of the chief rabbi. “We have been gathering up families and shuttling them out to safer neighborhoods.” Edward Dolinsky, head of the umbrella organization responsible for Ukraine’s Jews, said the city’s dwindling food supply has provoked a state of panic among Kiev’s inhabitants. “We have appealed to [Israeli] Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to please help us protect our community,” Dolinsky added.


Joel and I have been contacting everyone we know in the Knesset trying to get some assistance and communications on the ground in the Ukraine in order to bring a couple boats there to save as many as we can before it is to late. The Ukraine is way out of our plans for rescue and it would take several days to get a couple boats there, each would be able to bring about 30 each to Israel. It would be necessary to fill our tanks in or near the Ukraine. And we would need Israeli intelligence on the ground to locate and bring Jews aboard for the trip to Israel.

So far we have not been able to get a reply from the Israeli Government; they know we are standing by ready to set sail. They also know we have no reliable communications in the Ukraine and would depend on Israeli Intelligence. The moment we are given instructions from the Israeli Government we will set sail with boats. If this should happen you will not hear anything from us until or after we return to Israel for obvious reasons. Please understand this is not what we have planned in operations when the time came to rescue Jews who will be running for their lives.

Our plans were to pick them up in the Greek Islands, Cyprus and the Turkish coastline. But we can’t sit still knowing what may happen to the Jews of the Ukraine. This is another reason we need the larger boat capable of longer trips like this and to be able to carry hundreds instead of 30 or 40 at a time.

Please be lifting us up in prayer as we don’t know what is going to happen from one minute to the next, but God does.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son and all the IDF soldiers, for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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