Urgent Need

April 26 – 2018


With the doors closing for Jews to stay in Germany, France and England coupled with the rising call for all out war here in the Middle East and threats of attacks on Israel mounting daily our time for preparations are coming to a close and when they do close we will be faced with operating with what we have to save Jewish lives.


We have an opportunity to purchase a 50-foot sailing boat here in Israel but we are $30k short of the purchase price. It is a sailing boat that has the capability of making trips back and forth from Cyprus every other day without the use of fuel. This boat could and would save many lives I am asking everyone reading this to pray about this need, this boat has a market value of at least or more than double the asking price.


There is obviously a time limit to how much time we will have for this purchase opportunity, it will go on the open market in about two weeks giving us this first chance it will sell very fast.


I am keeping this very short and to the point in order not to confuse any other thing with this need. This is so very important and we either accept this offer soon or miss it altogether.


If God is speaking to you about this need, please drop your check in the mail as quickly as possible. Please stop what you are doing and pray over this need and I believe God will speak into your spirit. Gen. 12:3…


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Shalom, jerry golden

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