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April 2-2022


From left to right
Ola, me, Connie, Joel.
Eva and jerry


God gave my son Joel a vision.  The vision was to feed the poor and prepare to help feed new arrivals of European Jews who will be coming with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Knowing Joel as I do, he would not say something that important if the Rauch (Holy Spirit) did not move on him.  His mother Ola and I with those associated with this ministry prayed and 100% agreed that should be our next step, for when we rescue European Jews we will be ready to assist them with food on their arrival in Israel as it will most likely be in a time of war or shortly thereafter.


For the past few months, Joel has been delivering a truckload of food packages once a week, and the way we find the ones who are in the greatest need. Poorest, we work with the schools we meet and talk with the school’s social workers that work with the kids, they know the kids that come to school hungry and display other indications. These school social workers know where the most help is needed and that opens up a list of very needy to many thousands, we are asking God to help them all knowing that the only way that can happen is if the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart and your desire to bless Israel.


Connie and I could not be prouder of our son, he has risen to God’s call on his life along with his wife Ola and she is volunteering with the 140 Ukrainian Jewish Orphans that have joined us in our Moshav.  I am asking you to pray daily for them, for what they are doing at this; time takes a lot of faith and courage.


There is a long list of reasons so many on the mission field have had to pack up and go home because of their inability to raise enough support, it’s the result of three years of covid-19, inflation, the declining value of the US dollar, and fear that is gripping so many concerning their future. We certainly understand and know how hard it is for so many just to pay the rent and eat.  We have been renting this house for 17 years and have never been late on rent but now we find ourselves two months behind on the rent. Our car broke down and we cannot afford to have it fixed, as it needs a new motor.  A missionary family who after around 40 years had to leave Israel for lack of support, and they had an old car on its last leg and they left it with us and it broke the other day.  We are without a car only have Joel’s truck and when he is called into the IDF without notice leaving us without transportation, it’s a problem that must be solved soon.  Joel travels Israel making videos for the YouTube Channel CLICK.  After 48 years of marriage and ministry, Connie and I know we can trust God to speak into the hearts of Believers if it is His Will to continue using this ministry to bless the Apple of His eye.  We know the Devil is defeated when we are obedient to God’s call on our lives and stand together.


The Devil has pulled out all stops and turned his demons loose on all of mankind with mass migrations of Islamic terrorists into all of Europe that has brought many countries to a complete disaster Islamic takeover and now it’s not only the Jews they want to get rid of, but Christians are becoming higher on their list to kill.


Israel is experiencing a wave of terrorism, 11 Israelis were killed and many wounded in the past week by “Palestinians”.  It is a daily experience but at a higher intensity, making us believes we are looking at the third Intifada.


They rightfully group Jews and Christians together, as the people of the Book (Bible) proving the god they worship is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but Satan.


Keeping in mind that when God looks at Israel He looks at it as the center of everything and the Old Testiment (Tenach) is true, the New Testiment just proves it.  As we go into these end days Believers eyes are being opened to the importance of knowing they are drafted into a Jewish Root to love Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


God has placed an awesome responsibility on those who He has called to bless Israel.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the safety of this family and those associated with this ministry.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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