Voting Day in Israel Tomorrow



A lot of Israelis are very upset with Netanyahu for not taking out Hamas after the last 700 missiles fired into our civilian population from Gaza.  He knows he is in trouble and many of us here are very concerned that because of the dissatisfaction with him the liberals will win the election tomorrow.


He is now saying if he wins he will annex all the land of Judea and Samaria and even Hebron, along with the Jordan Valley.  The problem is he has had around ten years to do all these and didn’t.  Now many believe it is just out of desperation that he is saying these things “again”.


In Israel we don’t vote for a person we vote for a Party and many in his party “Likud” are really fed up with him meaning that even if his party Likud should win, “and I hope they do”  they will replace him with another leader and he still may not be the Prime Minister.


We only have about 24 hours to find out who the next person will be to try and form a coalition, and who ever wins it will not be easy as the government is so divided at this time.


Like in American politics the far left and liberal are trying to destroy Netanyahu just like the Democrats are doing to Trump, these are very evil days we are living in.


I feel sure God’s man will win in both cases, but it has been said and I believe it “a people will get the leaders they deserve”.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers who will be in war soon as will the rest of this country.


Shalom, jerry golden



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