Waiting just Waiting for the Missiles!




We sit here in Israel waiting for our skies to become full of Iranian and Hezbollah missiles with mixed feelings about what is happening between the US and Iran in the Persian Gulf.  Knowing that few if any missiles will be flying towards the US and once again it will be Israel that pays the heavy price.  I say mixed feelings because we know that Iran has to be stopped for their aggressions and Islamic terrorists support around the world but we are not excited about the death, pain and destruction that come with it.


As we watch the evil perversion sweep across America in total denial of God and His Word and all of Europe being dominated by the evil of Islam, we are really only seeing God’s prophetic Word come to pass very quickly before our eyes.  There are still small pockets of true Believers in both Europe and the US but they now find themselves in a terrible situation their very lives are being threatened, Churches being burned down or just taken over and converted into Mosques.  Men and women with the Holy Ghost Power seem to have become far and few between.  We see the wrong people being put into government offices simply because the right ones don’t feel there is any use to fight, their waiting for the fat lady to sing.




One look around this world and you quickly come to the conclusion that everything is changing and for the worse, with Islam right in the center of most of the evil taking place around the world.  As long as Islam is being considered a peaceful religion by spineless politicians and they continue to accept them into their countries things will get much worse very quickly.  They worship another god and we call him Satan they call him Allah, he is not the God of Judaism or Christianity who worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


In northern China there are Muslims called Uyghurs who practice Islam and the government is now bulldozing their Mosques and putting them in prisons by the tens of thousands.  It is now being reported that over a million are now in China’s prisons.  It is obvious that China has woken up to the evil of Islam but it’s not the first time maybe you have heard of the Great China Wall, check out why it was built.


To get back on the subject of missiles falling on us, we know that if Iran isn’t stopped now it will only be harder tomorrow, we are not stupid we know that many will die; even our generals are telling us to prepare for the worst because that is what it will be.  All those we are in contact with here in Israel are not happy about the very real threat of death and destruction but realize it is God who is in control, and He cannot be happy about what He is looking at in Tel-Aviv it looks more like Sodom and Gomorrah every day.  Connie and I haven’t been to Tel-Aviv in years we simply avoid it if at all possible.  But it is well known that the first and main attack from our enemies will be Tel-Aviv simply because the majority of the population lives in that area.


This war will not last long, and when the dust settles Israel will be here and it will be the only place on this planet where a Jew can live peacefully as a Jew.  And God willing this ministry will be here with boats and the financial ability to rescue as many as possible and bring them home to Israel.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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