War is Imminent


April 6 2018

On a regular basis I have conversations with Israelis “in the know” and to a man they all believe war will break out this summer here in Israel. The concern is no longer just the 200,000 missiles Hezbollah has amassed in Lebanon and Syria or the Gaza, Hamas military is constantly preparing for this coming war with their missiles and tunnels.


We now have Russia, Turkey and Iran meeting in Ankara deciding how to defeat Israel and divide up the spoil left behind in Syria. Iran is building their military bases in Syria next to the new Russian bases there knowing it puts the US and Israel in a difficult position figuring that any attack on these Iranian bases would also kill Russians. Putin has now agreed, and has begun to build, a nuclear plant in Turkey. It sure looks like the foundation for Ezek 38:5.


The on and off position of Trump to pull the US troops out of Syria, leaving Israel in a terrible situation, has given Israel a lot to be worried about.


Hamas is losing its grip over the “Palestinian people in Gaza” being unable to govern or to keep the electricity on for more than 3 or 4 hours a day, and have come up with this desperate 30,000 march on the Israeli border, knowing that the liberal media will blame Israel for defending its border. Hamas has started 3 wars with Israel in the past 10 years and has launched thousands of missiles into Israel targeting civilians. The question not being addressed is what would happen to Israelis if the 30,000 were allowed to come across the border, instead of 18 dead terrorists we would have thousands of dead Israelis. It should also be reported that the majority of the 30,000 marching on the border are young men. Who have been taught all their lives that to be a suicide bomber is the greatest thing they could ever do and to kill Jews pleases Allah and secures a place in paradise.


The world has always, and always will, hate the Jewish people and this can only be explained spiritually. This same evil spirit hates the greatest Jew who ever lived Yeshua (Jesus) and all those who follow Him. Islam has killed millions of Christians and continues to kill them as you read this. They don’t want peace with any country let alone Israel. They want total dominance and submission, or they will cut your head off. Yet the countries of the world insist that Israel make peace with them. We see what it has done to Europe and you can expect the same results in the rest of the world if they don’t wake up and realize it is Islam that is the enemy. Jews and Christians have to wake up and know that Allah is the Devil and certainly not the same God we serve.


[12] And he (Islam) will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

Our boat in Turkey is still in jeopardy. President Erdogan of Turkey has burnt all the bridges between Israel, America and has openly reached out to Russia and Iran. The relationship, as it has been between Israel and Turkey in the past, will never be the same again.  This time we are headed towards Ezek. 38:5.

Connie and I are planning a trip to the Island of Rhodes to see if we can make some arrangements to have the boat moved to a marina there. We ask for your prayers. It is not safe for us to go into Turkey and everything has to be done in certain ways, that cannot be safely explained here.

European Jews need to know if we will be at a certain place and time with the boats, because of finances we are finding that nearly impossible to guarantee.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF solders. Pray for this ministry and you part in it.

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jerry golden

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