Was it a Dream or a Vision? You be the Judge.


It was 5 AM, my usual time to take my dog outside. But when I tried to get out of bed I couldn’t move, nothing worked my legs and arms. My first thought was that I had died and was drifting away on a beautiful cloud. A kind of white I had never seen before as if it was somehow a color I could feel, touch and breathe.

I told myself; you are not asleep this is really happening, you have died, yet I knew that I was not dead. This may sound so insane, but I am trying to tell it like it was.

Even now I am asking myself; why share this? No one will understand. Yet I feel I must tell you about this for there is someone who needs to hear this and others that will know what it really means.

It seemed that in an instant, the blink of an eye, I could see the sins of many as they lived for self and greed, killing babies and spreading homosexuality across the land. At first I thought it was America I was seeing, but then I knew it was Israel I was being shown. It was Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem where God was given no thought and sin and lust ruled the streets. It was then I heard the voice I know so well. Not audible but somewhere inside my soul in a very spiritual way say to me, this is my Land and they are My people yet they mock Me. Before I bring judgment to other lands that are coming against Jerusalem I will bring judgment in this land. For the time has come for righteous judgment on all of mankind.

It was then I began to see places along the Mediterranean Sea Coast, some were places I have been – others were new but somehow the locations were made very clear with directions and detailed descriptions of certain buildings. Inside there were groups of very frightened people and it became obvious they were Jews – many with frightened and crying children. “They will come to know Me and the sacrifice made for their salvation, they will praise Me and I will bring them home for I Am their God”.

I wanted to speak and say “God the little we have done seems so small in the face of the many that will need our help in the days before us”. But I was unable to say anything. Then I heard in my spirit God say “I know your thoughts and your heart, it is time for many to hear my voice and save my precious Jewish people”. It was then I knew there was nothing for me to worry about. It was God who is, and has always been, in control.

Slowly the feeling came back into my arms and legs. My little Boston Terrier was sitting beside me on the bed with a look on her face that said ‘I’ve been waiting’. It was then I knew I had not died and it was all a dream. Or was it a vision? I’m not sure, but I have to send this out to those who can discern the Spirit of God and be moved to love Him more.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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