What about Gaza?

Oct. 28 – 2018

After every volley of missiles fired out of Gaza into Israeli civilian neighborhoods the Muslims shout “Hudna”. The Media calls it a cease fire.  Last night and today over 30 rockets have been fired into Israeli civilian populations.  Israel did what it always does. It bombed empty buildings known to be Hamas operation headquarters or training camps, 80 of them this time. Of course Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others knew to stay away from the places Israel would bomb. In fact Israel often times flies over dropping leaflets telling them they have a few minutes to get out of there before the bombs come.


The world needs to be told that Hudna does not mean just a cease fire. It’s mentioned in the Koran as a time to re-gather and prepare for the next battle.  Neither Hamas nor the PA (Palestinian Authority) want a peace with Israel and never have wanted one, and they have no intention of any two state solutions or any other solution other then the destruction of Israel.


The so called Palestinians have no industry worth mentioning and the large majority of the population depends totally on handouts from the PA or Hamas who depend on the US, Europe and others to send them billions of dollars every year to pay for more terrorism, build tunnels to invade Israel and gather more missiles to kills Jews.  For example when Arafat died a few Billion dollars disappeared never to be found.  One look at the lifestyle of the leaders of the PA will show you where the money goes.  The average “Palestinian” lives in deep poverty. Our news agencies report that around 80% of the Arab men in Gaza are unemployed and have no hope of ever finding a job.  That makes recruiting them into an Islamic terrorist organization is no real problem. When you have millions of young men and women with no hope in sight and wondering how to feed the family, depression drives many insane and daily they are blasted with propaganda that their lives will not improve until all the Jews are murdered or driven from the land.  They are taught this from Kindergarten throughout their lives and denied any contact with Jews.  Many “Palestinians” are murdered every year for so-called collaborating with the Jews – mostly meaning being to friendly with them.


These evil Islamic leaders know the easiest and fastest way to control the thinking of a people is through the control of information they receive from child to adult.  Their TV, Radio, Newspapers, Mosques and Schools – put all them together with the hateful teaching of the Koran and with the threat of Sharia Law over their heads daily,  it becomes almost impossible for them to break clear of this evil Satanic religion.


Oslo was designed to encourage them to get off welfare and go to work building a life. But we know how miserably Oslo failed and instead brought Intifada and horrendous loss of life for both peoples.


Over 10,000 Jewish families were forced to leave Gaza giving up their homes and livelihood in hopes they would build a community and take care of the people, but we all know what happened instead.


Israel pulled out of South Lebanon leaving the border open for Hezbollah to take over and attack Israel from the north.  And not only has Hezbollah taken over in southern Lebanon but now has a good grip on the Lebanese Government.  We are now looking at over 100,000+ missiles stationed there – many capable of reaching anywhere in Israel – and now becoming more sophisticated with the use of GPS technology.


With all the accumulated battle hardened Islamic terrorists and all the tanks and war machines gathered just to our north war seems like the obvious conclusion when you consider their hatred of Israel and the Jews. Added to that Russia and Turkey are now moving into place in Syria to our north.


So the stage is set here in Israel for another war, but this time not just another war, this is like we say in this part of the world; the mother of all wars.


So I ask myself; what’s holding things up, those tanks and big guns, missiles, planes, choppers and troops can’t sit there indefinitely it’s use them or lose them.  The logistics just for constant maintenance costs alone is in the billions.


While praying over this the 1973 Yom Kippur War came to mind. It was during the time of Watergate in the US.  All of America and the world was glued to the news over Nixon and his resignation.  Glued so hard that most of the world didn’t even know there was a war happening in Israel.  Only by God’s hand was Israel delivered from what looked like certain defeat.  It was unlike the 67 – 6 day war where the Israeli soldiers danced in the streets shouting “by our right hand we have defeated  the entire Arab World”.  Six years later [the number (6) with which God deals with mankind]  He brought Israel to its knees at the end of the 73 war and there was no dancing and shouting in the streets, instead you heard Baruch Ha Shem (Blessed be His Name).


Remembering the 1973 Yom Kippur War showed me what is happening again, The Muslim world, the New World Order, Illuminati, Deep State, the Devil himself are fighting to prolong their very survival on planet earth.  And the Devil knows his days are numbered.


We watched wave after wave of Muslims invaded Europe until now there is no stopping them from taking over all of Europe in the very near future.  What you are seeing happen today with the 7,000+ Migrants (Invaders) marching on the Southern Border of the US is just like what happened to Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Holland and others.  They believe they can do the same thing to the US, that Trump will not give the orders to shoot. There are already others invading Islamic groups forming with the South and Central Americans to follow this one.  It’s just the beginning. There is no way this can end peacefully and the United States will be very preoccupied – possibly too busy to be ready and able to defend Israel or at least that is what the enemies of Israel and of God are hoping for.  With both Russia and China worried about President Donald Trump they might just be forced to make a drastic move to take over the US. Or at least wait until all hell breaks loose before they attack Israel.


There are many things happening in this world and all of them pointing to Biblical Prophecy of the end times.


Our Defense Minister and all the high ranking Israeli generals are meeting in the war room about what to do with Gaza. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are living in fear along the Gaza border. Daily they listen for the sirens to blast telling them the missiles are headed their way. They usually have around 20 seconds to get to a shelter before the bombs explode and that is 24/7.  The Israeli generals know that the Gaza situation must be taken care of either by peace or total victory over the terrorists groups and we know peace is not possible with the Muslims. This is the only way we can be free to take care of the big problem coming out of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Russia and Turkey.  And taking over the Gaza Strip is not what Israel is interested in doing at this time.  When Hamas does fall and the other Islamic military groups in Gaza have been beaten until they give up, we will still have a couple million Arabs who only know one thing; hate Israel and the Jews as well as the Christians. These will not be a people easy to live with.


In Conclusion


There are a lot of very evil people sitting around with their fingers on the trigger of very high powerful weapons waiting for the other side to blink first.  There is a mixed bag of crazies out there and each of them believes they are right and will do anything to be the one who survives.  In order to be certain to survive they keep building larger and more deadly weapons capable of killing millions, unlike anything the world has ever seen.


It’s difficult sometimes to understand what is holding things together. With the majority of the world suffering from malnutrition and half of the others unemployed, all they hear is how well the US is doing, and that there are more jobs than people to fill them.  Put yourself in their position and you’d be marching too.  To think of it in just those terms is really an over simplification because there is so much more to what is happening spiritually and globally.  If you’re looking at it as one who wants to survive the coming war, or wars, you can see clearly the task before you doesn’t look all that promising.


As for this ministry we know and have known for years what God has called us to do; to save European Jewish lives.  God showed me years ago to prepare to save those who will not make it out of Europe before another Jewish holocaust to kill the remaining Jews.  I’ve known all along this will take a lot of advance preparation. Not just a few boats but the absolutely necessary contacts and communications.  I’ve always known the main part of this ministry will happen after the war. That the war will come and go quickly and it is at that time our boats, contacts and communications will have paid off in saving lives.


Please don’t misunderstand me. We are not ready and there are still many things we must be about doing.  Most of the things have to do with traveling, meeting and speaking with Rabbis and Jews in the right relationship with the Jewish communities.  Arranging safe houses and routes to try and get others locally to understand the need for their help in getting people to the right places at the right time.


Our job (calling) is to pick up the Jews at certain locations and bring them to Israel.  But if they are not in the right place at the right time having a couple boats means nothing. Just the logistics of supply for the boats with the right kind of crew is a calling that has overwhelmed me.  But still know we can’t give up, there is no way I will ever give up.


God has blessed us with great children and great and great great grandkids.  Our youngest son Joel who is now 40 has the same calling from Ha Shem (God).  Joel is now being called less by the IDF and has more time to devote to the boats and ministry.  He has been covered by many thousands of prayers for many years of this ministry and those prayers have paid off. He is now poised to take over this ministry when I get too old, I am now 78 but in good condition and still able to handle things.  Connie is a very young 70 and in great health.  Thank God.


It is time for us to travel to all the contacts in making certain our emergency communications are working and that the necessary arrangements will be taken care of when we show up with the boats. Things will have to work smoothly and quickly.


The main thing for the boats that is needed, [for the sailing boat particularly] are ropes. They are expensive, ($2,500).  The sailing boat and the motor boat need to be brought out of the water to have the bottom paint done.  This should be done every year but it has been 3 years since it was done last and the bottom jobs  for both boats runs around $12ks The motor boat needs 3,000 liters of fuel and fuel costs are about double what they are in the States.  I’d love to sell this motor boat and buy another sailing boat, making sure we can make these trips in both boats even without fuel. It would make a small family a great home in Israel in a great neighborhood with security and at a cost less than half of getting a small apartment. If you are interested (really interested) get in contact with us and come and see the boat.


I want to ask you to pray about asking other Believers to join with us to bless Israel and the Jewish people.


I have added a new section to the website. It is a store where I am selling my books as a PDF download. I have been taking pictures for 50+ years and call it my hobby.  Over the years I have taken some very nice photographs and when printed on a very high quality cotton or art paper with pigment inks they are absolutely beautiful and will last for 200 years.  Everything sold goes to the ministry it is just a way to support us using Paypal without becoming a 501.c3. And you will love the quality of these photographs hanging in your home or office.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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