What does it take to start the Third World War?

May 8 – 2020

Killing over 75,000 USA citizens isn’t enough, so what will it take?  That is more deaths caused by the Korean, Vietnam, and Afghanistan wars combined.  And the world knows China did it by design. It was no accident. It was in fact the first shot of the Third World War. And what’s coming in short order from China and Russia will make Coronavirus seem like child’s play.  They are placing all their naval powers in position to attack America. America future will not be to our liking.  Praying time and getting very close to God in relationship and not religion.  Knowing that what is most important is not your survival of the coming time of great suffering but your eternal relationship with God. It is your soul that is at stake and the Devil is licking his lips. Its way past time for you to question all the man made denominational doctrine that doesn’t line up with God’s Word.  No I am not going to go into all those details but you know deep in your soul the truth that will set you free. It’s knowing God through the person of Yeshua opening your spiritual eyes to spiritual truths of whom and what you are and why you are reading this. And understanding why God has set the Jewish people and Israel aside for purposes of His end time prophecy.  If you’re truly grafted into a Jewish root you know what I am speaking about.


The real problem is what the Third World War would be like with nuclear weapons?  Millions, even hundreds of millions killed setting the world civilization back hundreds even thousands of years, into a survival mode, with people struggling to eat and stay alive.  Those who survived the nukes would have been better off if they perished in the war.  It would truly be the time of sorrows. As you know there are hundreds of Scriptures to back the above up yet so many are still backing multi million dollar Churches of easy believism.  There are multi million dollar TV evangelists who are building monuments to glory themselves. Flying around the globe in private jets, living in homes costing millions of dollars collected from the widow’s mite who have been lied to for so long they no longer know what the truth really is.  No I am not bitter against any of these charlatans. I know many of them personally and they are really nice guys to talk with. It is just that they have allowed the Devil to corrupt their souls. My anger rises for the souls they are sending to hell in order to keep their corrupted life styles prospering.


This ministry and others who know the importance of Israel and the Jewish people in the end times are fighting a spiritual war against the Devil who hates both the Jews and Israel.


As for this ministry we are really hurting and in need of serious financial help to be ready to save European Jewish lives.  We have a boat that needs to have all the stainless rigging replaced at a cost of $12,000 but that is just the beginning of our needs and the only possible way we will be able to save them is in the hands of God’s chosen ones who understand the importance of Israel and the Jewish people and called to support this ministry.


I’ve been accused of begging for money. Not true, I am doing what I can to accomplish the commission given to me by God and I will never in this life stop working towards that goal.  Knowing it is not up to me alone but to the Body God has called to it as well.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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