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What is Wrong with the American People?

It may be easier to see the true intent of Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration from the Israeli vantage point. That is not to say that many living in the US [in fact I think the majority] have come to the conclusion that pure evil sits in the Oval Office.

If you don’t mind my giving an opinion I will say straight out that Obama is not the real problem, it’s those who control him. He is however playing out his part with an enthusiasm and passion of one who has been raised and taught by the ones who have shown great hatred of the USA, but then anyone who has looked into his past already knows that. In fact the only thing, or people, he hates more than the Jews and Israel is the USA.

There is a very long list of his activities and support for the Islamic terrorists. Sure, we know what he says is quite different and I guess if you are a “dyed-in-the-wool” hypnotized democrat you might even believe what he says. If you do I wonder what it will take to wake you up? What is obvious is that the Democratic party has been hi-jacked by the Devil himself.

If I retraced a few months to back that statement up I could write a book so I will leave it up to you to do your own research. But let’s look at the past few weeks.

Obama has said he would never release the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard who has been in prison in the US for over 25 years. But he would change his mind if Israel would release 400 Islamic terrorists. What has been so hard to understand is how Pollard could possibly have anything to do with the peace talks that everyone knows are going nowhere and that the so-called Palestinians don’t want peace. They only want the total destruction of Israel and nothing less. For Obama to change his mind on Pollard Israel must release the Islamic terrorists – all of whom have murdered Israelis – mostly women and children.

In the past day or so Obama has opened trade between Boeing and Iran making it possible for them to sell not only needed parts for their fighter jets but the fighter jets themselves. To make sure they could buy what they needed to come against Israel Obama has given them loan guarantees knowing that all the above will be used against Israel. In fact, on top of that Obama has done everything he can to make it almost impossible for Israel to attack Iran before they get the bomb. That is a bomb they made themselves, because most in the know believe Iran has purchased Nukes from any one of several sources. Netanyahu spoke recently about the suitcase bombs Iran has.

Obama has opened the door for Russia to supply Egypt with military jets, and artillery just in case they should want to join in the fight against Israel. As for Syria, Obama has strengthened Putin allowing him to move into the coast with nuclear submarines and battleships. Now with the popularity he has in Egypt they are building another seaport there as well – both now putting Russia within firing range of Israeli cities.

Well, we could go on and on with Obama’s love for the Islamic Arab world but most reading this could add many more items to the above list so I will move on.

What I find so hard to understand is how the American people have sat still over the way he has taken liberty and freedom away from them. He has truly transformed the USA just as he promised he would. But it is not just the USA that is spreading this evil and poison around the world. It would be almost flattering to contribute all this evil to one man. That is how we know he is only a tool that was taught and prepared for his task in bringing about the worst times in human history.

As we watch elections in many countries we are also seeing more anti-Semitic powers forming and Jews coming under more and more persecution. France has many neighborhoods where non Muslims are not even welcome to enter, and the police only go in with a lot of back- up, Sharia Law is being enforced and the politicians are too intimidated to speak out about it. Last year saw more Jews emigrate to Israel than any in the past decade. Jews who have the finances to buy apartments here in Israel have done so and they sit empty, the owners waiting for the last minute to come to Israel. Much like the Jews in the 30’s and 40’s believing that there would be time, but when the door closes and the missiles start flying there will be no commercial airplanes coming into Israel. Those apartments will remain empty and if they can’t find a boat to bring them to Israel they will perish like the European Jews before them.

When I first begin saying these things most thought I was crazy or didn’t know what I was talking about. But that has changed for now they can see the writing on the wall very clearly. The question is; will this ministry and others be equipped with boats and finances to rescue those who will be running for their lives.

Today we have two 60-foot boats and one smaller boat, not near enough for the amount of Jews who will be gathered on the shores to be picked up. For the past few years we have been organizing and coordinating communications and logistics trying to get the word out to as many Jewish communities as we possibly can. There is still a great need for communication and I work on that daily. Working with little resources and knowing we need a larger boat. Because of those who have heard from God and have been obedient in giving, we know we will save some. Yet, that “some” could be a much larger number and when you are talking about Jewish lives numbers count.

I thank God every day for the supporters of this ministry and ask Him to bless them according to Gen. 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, (Israel) and curse him that curseth thee (Israel): and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. We also thank God daily for more time to prepare – for we know so much depends on how much we are ready to go into action.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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