When Will The War Begin?

Nov. 9-2019

Israel is preparing for war with Iran and all its proxies, Hezbollah and now all of Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza and very possibly Turkey.  The answer to that question is soon   very soon.  That is a lot of armies and air forces to fight at one time on many fronts for a small country like Israel, and one thing is certain the longer it’s put off the stronger the enemies will become.  Iran is now saying they can wipe Tel-Aviv off the map in less than 30 minutes and their first target would be the Kiryah in Tel Aviv and that is like the America Pentagon.  That target alone would kill close to a third of the population.  Israel is now putting into effect an emergency act code named Momentum to expand the missile defense capability.  We can only pray and hope we already have the anti-missile defenses in place – and I believe we do.


Israel Government Officials are now openly talking about all out war with Iran and her proxies.  Not unlike America we have a leader (Netanyahu) hamstrung by the bleeding heart liberals who seem to have lost their minds but I am convinced it’s not mental it is spiritual.  When you look at the enemies listed above you can see Ezek 38:5-6.


In the last war with Hezbollah in 2006 Israel took between 200 and 300 missiles per day.  This war it is estimated that it would be over 4,000 missiles per day and at that rate it could go on for 6 months. Many as much as a hundred times more powerful with the ability to hit every square inch of Israel.  All of what I just said is not a secret and we are being told these things by our daily news media.


And like the 2014 war with Hamas the Ben-Gurion Airport will be closed and this will not only stop all commercial flights into or out of Israel but much of Israel’s produce and many other supplies would be stopped for a long period of time.  And the obvious next or even the first target is the electrical grid and when that happens to a country it sends them back to the Iron Age. And in Israel it doesn’t even have to be an EMP just a couple of well placed missiles.


Iran is building a ring of fire around Israel with Hezbollah in Lebanon which now claims to have around 200,000 missiles pointed at Israeli cities.  The IDF has bombed over a hundred Iranian military sites under construction in Lebanon over the past year as they continue to establish Missile bases in Lebanon.  Now Iran is building their bases in Iraq and Yemen.  With the cancellation of the 2015 agreement with Obama, Iran is increasing their nuclear enrichment centrifuges and seems to be in a big hurry to build their bombs.  But when I heard Iran say they can destroy Tel-Aviv in less them 30 minutes that confirms what I and many believe “they already have some bombs” and if they didn’t make them they bought them.  Iran must know that Israel has second strike capabilities with Subs and hidden bases.  It well may be that they can get a few missiles through our defense but it will mean the total destruction of Iran.  And the people of Iran know this and are rioting in the streets of Tehran.  The people of Lebanon are waking up to what Iran through Hezbollah is about to bring down on their heads and they are also rioting in the streets in Beirut.


Here is something the United States might think about; Iran is not alone. There are many back room conspiracies with China, Russia, North Korea and they all know that Israel will be asking for Trump to send help fast. So it would appear to me that Iran would want to know what China, Russia and North Korea are going to do, and when, if they attack Israel.


As for Israel we know to kill the snake you have to cut off its head and that is Iran. As for Hezbollah and Hamas they are both supported and supplied with missiles by Iran. They will have to be dealt with viciously and very quickly before going after Iran.  The only way that could be accomplished is with the US taking care of Iran while Israel destroys it’s Arab enemies.


War with Iran and its proxies is unavoidable and the longer Iran is given to build the ring of fire around Israel the worse it’s going to be for Israel and the world.  There is absolutely no doubt that all hell is about to break loose not only in the Middle East but globally.  The world has gone completely insane and more anti-God every day, sin rules supreme in most countries.


I will assume that those reading this know as I do that there are millions of believers who love God and have been washed in the blood of Yeshua.  They have come to the truth that God is not in a Denomination or even in a Religion “It’s in a relationship with God” regardless of what building you belong to with a cross on the top. Each person there either has a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit or they might be the nicest person in the Church yet headed straight to hell and may God help the Pastor who was nothing more than an educated paid entertainer walking the denominational lines.  Well I did a little preaching but so be it.  Amen.


You might be wondering why Jerry is wanting to see all the European Jews come to Israel with all the gloom and doom. The answer is simply that God told me to, and somehow we will still be here. And the boats will be OK and we will be making many trips bringing Jews home because there will be no other place on this earth where a Jew can live.  In 1968 I was visited by the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) and was born into the body of Messiah.  It’s been 51 years in His service and I can tell you this I know His voice.


There will be a time period here in Israel when survival will be the predominate thought on every one’s mind.  And we like most others are not really prepared to be the witness we want to be for lack of finances.  Our boats are ready but the necessary provisions are not.  Time is running out fast and if God is calling you to bless Israel through this ministry. Now is the time to act on that.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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