Who Did It?



For the second time in two days oil tankers have been hit in the Persian Gulf since Trump dared them to show any aggression.  The real problem for Trump is how to be certain that it was Iran who hit the tankers. Saudi Arabia has more than enough reasons to initiate a false flag event making it appear as if Iran is the culprit in order to have the US solve their problem.  I’ve been waiting to hear what the Israeli intelligence community has to say on the matter. But even Israel has skin in the game wanting the US to hit Iran and take out their nuclear possibilities. The difference being that I’d believe Israeli intelligence services over anyone else.  One thing is certain. A war with Iran would not be a cakewalk and I don’t believe for a minute Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons mounted on ballistic missiles already. If they didn’t make them they bought them. Yet reliable military analysts believe they have them.


There are also Iranian Islamic sleeper cells from Hezbollah scattered across the US for training operatives in military type camps.  They are not secret camps. The Feds and local authorities are aware of them. The question is why haven’t they been raided and stopped?  CLICK  As for these Islamic training camps they have learned how to operate within the US constitution and Bill of Rights and they know how to use both against your freedom and liberty.


Civil War in America will be the result of the divide caused by the Democrats in congress and the saddest thing is most of them have been so brainwashed they are not even aware of the evil that has taken them over.


Some may think I should be concerned and centered on what is happening here in Israel. Well I am and what I am saying has everything to do with Israel and its future.  In fact, if the enemies of the US are successful the whole world will go into harder times.


As for us here in Israel we are fully aware of the fact that if Trump does attack Iran, it will not be the US that gets the blunt end of the Iranian missiles but Israel. And not only from Iran but from Hezbollah in Lebanon. With an estimated 200,000 of them all aimed at us and also from Hamas in our south who have proven they are now able to hit most of Israel with new and improved ranges for their missiles supplied by Iran.



Here in Israel last night Hamas shelled Israel again. This time hitting a religious school in Sederot damaging the building. Thank God there were no injuries.  And as expected Netanyahu authorized the IDF to strikes more empty buildings in Gaza.  So, once again we have thousands of terrorized Jewish children in Israel unable to sleep or forced to sleep in bomb shelters or in their bath-tub for protection.


For the past 30 years I’ve always voted for the Likud party, and backed Netanyahu 100%.  Like many Israelis I am now rethinking things.  The problem is we can’t see anyone on the horizon in Israel politics more capable than Netanyahu.  Maybe we should remove the words “more capable” and just look for “capable”?  Maybe we can find a Jewish Donald Trump to take the bull by the horns and finish with Hamas in Gaza.  Netanyahu is not only the Prime Minister but also the Defence Minister.  I did have some hope that Bennett would be our next Defence Minister but he has been eliminated as has Liberman leaving Netanyahu with no real threats to his throne other than the Attorney General who possibly may bring some criminal charges him.


The politics are very similar between what is happening to Trump and Netanyahu. Both men love their country and want to do the right things for it.  On the other hand the Devil has spent many years preparing his army of brainwashed liberals and Islamic devils for the very day in which we now live. The “end times”.  Both are fighting the swamp creatures in their own governments in order to save and protect the country they love.


Today I watched (for about one minute) the Gay Pride parade in Tel-Aviv on TV.  It looked like a million people on the streets celebrating.  The thought passed my mind that God was still in control and we will most likely be hearing from Him very soon.


Most reading this report know how desperate our finances are so I will spare you any details. We know our time is running out to be prepared to save Jewish lives.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shabbat Shalom, Jerry Golden

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