Why a Boat like this?

The reason is I still know that many reading this are having a problem understanding why we need a boat like this.

The above picture is a 132-foot Gullet made in Turkey.  These boats are made from wood fiberglass and steel with a little teak and mahogany trim and they take a lot of maintenance meaning that once we purchase such a boat we will be needing help from Believers to come and be part of the Ministry from time to time.  That would be for the most part a working vacation. A new Gullet like the one above used cost anywhere from 400,000 to $1 million.  That is a fraction of what a ship or fiberglass yacht that size would cost.  But more important it is what this ministry needs for the job it has to do.


These Gullets are very common in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and are seen pulling into and out of the Greek Islands and the Turkish ports daily.  And that is the very reason we need this type of boat.  A boat this size could easily carry 100 to 200 from Turkey to Israel; they are used mostly for the charter business where they take large groups up and down the Turkish coast line.


A boat like this would cause no unnecessary suspicion when pulling into Turkish or Greek Ports.  That will be very important for when it becomes necessary to work underground you need such a cover.


The two boats we now have are, one is a 60-foot motor boat and the other a 45-foot sailing boat  .  Both far too small for what is coming at us from Europe, and I believe the day is coming far sooner than we think to have this part of the ministry in tact. We now have the two boats close to being ready, The motor boat needs a new dingy and some more safety equipment onboard.


We are very busy with contacts in Turkey, Cyprus and the Greek Islands as well as elsewhere making arrangements for future safe houses and routes to make it possible for Jews to reach the boat in the Greek Islands and on the Eastern Turkish coast line. There is still much to be done and God is opening doors by the power of the Ruach Ha Koddesh (Holy Spirit).


In fact, it is hard to say which is more important buying the boat or the groundwork.  The boat would be worth nothing without things in place to pick up Jews, The groundwork would be worthless without the boat.  For me it has been a balancing act trying to bring it all along at the same time.


I know of a few others who are in the process of buying ships or boats to rescue Jews but they have no groundwork.  I some times believe that much of what we are organizing in Turkey will be used by others who still haven’t seen the importance of that aspect of the ministry.  I have asked several who I believe I can trust to stay close for we will be able to assist them in their efforts should they ever get their boats.  While talking with other Jews who have boats here in Israel I do always interviewing them without them know it for when the time come I need to know who to speak to that might be willing to join us with their boats.


When God gave me this vision and began to show me what I must be about, I thought I couldn’t have heard that from God that surely He could find someone else who would be better fit for the job.  But He did choose me and I have accepted the calling.  I have been ridiculed, called names like “crazy” “nuts” and many much worse.  I some times feel a little like Noah and understand his feeling possibly far greater than others.


But I won’t quit and we will succeed, and Jewish lives will be saved because others that God has joined to this ministry heard that small still voice as I did.  And like I, they have put their hands to the plow and know that God is leading by His Spirit.


If everyone reading this would give all they can as a one time sacrificial gift the larger 100-foot boat would be a reality in weeks.  And the rest of this ministry would not have to struggle so much.


Will you pray that is all I am asking you to do is pray and ask God what He would have you do.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel, and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.


Shalom jerry golden

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