Why Did Trump do it?

Dec. 22 – 2018

Like many of you I’ve been thinking about President Trump’s pulling out the US Troops from Syria leaving his two strongest allies Israel and the Kurds to fight the Russians and the Turkish Army.  I just don’t believe President Trump would turn his back on Israel.  As for the Kurds they were a large part of the defeat of ISIS and fought right along with the US Troops.  If my reading on Trump is anyway near correct he will not do something unless there is a lot we just don’t know and the plans are in place for the coming war starting here in Israel, Lebanon and Syria with their supplier Russia kicking in, starting to sound more prophetic as we go along.


In short things are not looking good for the near future for this part of the world.  Israel has come to the place where they have no choice but to preempt strikes on Hezbollah and Syrian bases.  The US had to leave before Israel could strike.  Lookout here it comes.

Shalom, jerry

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