Wicked Weather, the Light in the Storm!

Wicked Weather, the Light in the Storm!


Job 37:13

He causeth it to come, whether for correction,
or for his land, or for mercy.


20-foot waves breaking over the 10-foot wall of rocks filling the water in the marina with strong currents and turbulent waters. 75 miles per hour winds are crashing against the mast violently shaking the entire boat and ripping through the folded up and tied down sails on the deck of the boat while pushing the boat closer and closer to catastrophic damage into the cement pier. The sound of the wind is louder than a near by screaming whistle of a train and the base of the waves hitting the water breaker is felt in your chest. All of this is in between the even worse conditions when the wind ramps up to near 90 miles per hour and foam coming off the waves breaking over the wall of rocks fills the marina with 3 to 4 feet of what looks so thick you could walk on it.  

This is just a quick description of what is going on around me as I am writing this article. Right when the conditions escalate and the weather gets the most violent that is exactly when I have to stop writing this article and go outside to keep the boat from crashing into the dock. In this storm, one of our morning lines that are tied to the bow of the boat on one end and an enormous chain connected to a large slab of concrete on the sea bed has just broken. Meaning when the wind picks up I have to do everything I can to hold the boat off the pier. I could tell you how this takes so much physical strength while demanding a great amount of determination as the ropes are ripping through your hands not to give up. This would be an understatement. Believe it or not, this is not a new situation I find myself in, this has been one of my jobs for this Ministry for over 20 years. I could talk about how the weather in the world has gone crazy, having to be on storm watch for over 20 years I can tell you for a FACT that the weather is changing. I used to be able to tell you without a doubt in Israel we had 3 or sometimes 4 storms a winter session, now we can have over 10. This is not what I feel led to write about.

As I am writing this letter I am reading it for the first time. I have never had this happen to me before. PRAISE THE LORD. It is as if I am not writing this at all, but I like it so far, and let us see where it takes us.

As was mentioned in this storm one of the boat-saving lines that hold the boat off the pier has broken. It is so easy to say why me, and why did this happen, but the truth is thank God this happened now when I can be here and I am not called off the IDF or to give food to hungry and hurting people God has blessed us to help. This is a recurring blessing that we have experienced in these 20 years of Ministry work. For example just now when I was holding on to the only line that I have left to stop the boat from crashing into the dock, a strong gust came and started to pull the line out of my hands. Right before it became impossible to hold on, that is when the wind stopped for a moment just long enough to tie off the line and give my tired and blistered hands a break. Just like in this storm the Lord always gives us the break we need right before we are not able to hold on any longer. In this Ministry or actually to be more accurate in these Ministries that the Lord has called us to, we experience the same blessings. Taking care of boats to be ready at any given time is a very large expense and now adding to that going on a Leap of Faith and buying the food for the families in this country with the food cost is even a much larger expense. There have been too many times to count when I seemingly foolishly took the money to buy the week’s groceries for the families in need when it didn’t even leave us enough for our groceries needed for the same week. But just like in this storm and all the ones before it, right when it seemed impossible one of God’s loyal Believers was led to give a life-saving donation. It would be inappropriate to name names even though I would love to give recognition to those Beautiful people. It is so humbling and at the same to have such a heavy burden having your support. We know of some the Supporters of these Ministries of ours are hurting themselves. When these soldiers of God give their donations it comes with such a weight of responsibility, I could not even try to put it in words.

This vision God gave me on my honeymoon when I was 33 years old to feed the precious people here in the State of Israel has become just like this storm. I am holding on with my tired and blistered hands in complete Faith that the Lord is with us and the help is coming. AMEN!!!

If the Lord is moving in your heart to help his chosen nation and the people in it then please pray about your part in these Ministries. 

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Shalom, Joel Golden

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