With Fear and Trembling


Not only here in Israel but around the world everyone is watching with fear and trembling as America descends into self destruction.


I awoke this morning thinking over and over the word “Jubilee”, wondering why that word kept coming back to me. It was on my second cup of coffee when it occurred to me that the 50 years must mean something, it was then it all came to me. When we take 50 years from 2017 we go back to 1967 the year that Israel took control over the City of Jerusalem.


For those who study and pray over God’s Word realise that if you want to know for sure that God is doing something, you have to look at Israel, for it is God’s timetable for prophetic events. His Word came out of Jerusalem and it will return to Jerusalem. I could fill 20 pages with Biblical proof of that, but you have your own Bible.


As for the United States facing a very long and destructive summer, we don’t have to be a prophet to see that. There are some very evil men and women in this world and they have gained control over the White House and the Obama-Nation. They have ordered God out of schools and public places and embraced pornography, homosexuality and all sorts of ungodly sins. God has blessed the United States but it is now obvious that blessing has been withdrawn and now she is feeling God’s judgment – and it has only just begun.


The downfall of America is felt not only in America but around the world, as droughts, floods, and horrible weather conditions are destroying many of the world’s food producing areas, and that will be felt in the days ahead as well. God has been warning us to prepare but many still haven’t and their loved ones will pay the price. I-Tim-5:8.


It is obvious that Obama-Nation is preparing for martial law across the U.S. Large ‘military’ convoys are being spotted moving into place throughout the 50 States. Police departments have militarized their equipment for mass riots and public upheaval. In the meantime Obama-Nation has been very busy destroying every moral fiber he can with his homosexual agenda. His first target has been public schools and the military. It went from “don’t ask, don’t tell” to it’s full legality. Now trans-gender’s are welcome in the U.S. Army. An ex-marine told me that he got out before it became mandatory (sorry just had to say that).

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are watching with great interest and Putin is warning that Obama is pushing him into a corner and that it looks like a nuclear war will take place. I could elaborate on this but you get the picture, I hope?


All of this is happening while the world is watching the coming presidential election campaign and no one has ever seen anything quite like it. Clinton above the law, and Trump so hated by the left that they will do anything, and I mean anything, to stop him. The Democratic Party has been high-jacked by people like George Soros who many believe totally controls Obama. And he is the main supporter of Black Lives Matter. They have too much invested in the downfall of the U.S. to allow Trump to be elected. Between racial riots and Islamic terrorism Obama will have no problem calling for national martial law. Some say that will stop the election; on that I am not certain, but I do feel sure this is going to be a very bad time for the U.S. And the rest of the world will pay a heavy price as it descends into wars and financial chaos as well.


Here in Israel we know that Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas and ISIS with others, have been waiting for something to happen allowing them an excuse to launch all their missiles at Israel, and it is known that Hezbollah has in excess of 150,000 aimed at every city in Israel. We are constantly being warned by our generals that many will die in this coming war and we must be prepared, and that the cities along our northern border will have to be evacuated.


When you look at all of the above it becomes very obvious that Israel will have no choice but to fight with everything we have and that will include nukes. (that is my opinion). I also know that Israel will survive and it will be the only place on this earth where Jews can live as Jews. God will be here for His name’s sake, and the remainder of the Jews who have an ear to hear will come home. Many are moving in this direction now, many others will wait one day too long and that is where this ministry comes into the picture. Admittedly, we can save only a few with the equipment we now have, but we will save all we can – God willing. I pray daily that those who God touches to bless Israel by way of this ministry will respond and do it in time, and we all know that time is running out quickly.


Pray for a the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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