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You Are Needed Now



The entire Middle East is consumed by war and terrorism, while all of Europe is faced with the threat of Islam taking over and destroying their culture, history, and any possibility of a peaceful future for their children. In Germany, Sweden and France non-Islamic women are raped at random by the tens of thousands of Muslims who have invaded their country without their women. Young military-age Muslims I might add who are more than ready for all out war to completely take over all of Europe. In the meantime their political leaders seem to be helpless to do anything about it.  It makes me wonder what happened to the men of Europe who seem to be unable to protect their women and children. Daily we hear of children as young as 3 years old being raped by Muslim men. They say it is okay because Mohammad had sex with children


In Turkey thousands of judges and journalists have been arrested and “raped”. Think about that. These are older men being raped by Muslim soldiers. Yet they have the death penalty for gays!  Does that make any sense to you? There is a saying in Arabic called “boy play” [in Arabic  “Bacha Bazi”] a regularly practiced sick sexual activity that destroys young boys lives. You can research this sick perverted Muslim practice on Google if you like, but I have other things to say today. BUT, I want to say thank God that most Muslims don’t follow these 7th Century Islamic laws. However in ISIS and other Terrorists Organizations many do.


The time has come for those who have been called to this ministry to open their purses and give a sacrificial gift. We are being warned by our Jewish contacts in Europe and elsewhere that the time is near when we will have to have our boats in place for rescue.


Our Gullet just had a new motor placed in it and that has drained our financial resource’s. It is now necessary for us to move the boat out of Israel to either Turkey, Cyprus or possibly Crete and that will cost us money we don’t have at this time. We need to have provisions and fuel and that takes cash.


My greatest concern for a while has been the need for a larger boat that will carry more people and be faster and therefore be less risky on the voyage to Israel.


I was surprised to find something here in Israel. A friend of ours has a 72′ SanLorenzo –  it’s a boat worth a million dollars when new. It could make the trip to Cyprus in less than ten hours with no problem carrying 50 to 75 each trip. Joel and I have checked the boat out.  The motors [2-750 HP Detroit Diesel’s with low hours] are in great condition. This vessel can cruise at over 20 mph. The deck needs some work that would cost in the neighborhood of $10k. If we could make the deal today we could purchase this boat for $150,000. This will not be available for very long I think it is a gift from God and like all gifts from God all we have to do is accept it. So it is in the hands of those who have been called to this ministry to do just that.


There is very little time for us to save these Jews and all I can do is put this out to you and ask you to pray, and pray like you have never prayed before. When the curtains go down on the possibility of flights out of Europe there will be no way for me to reach you for help, now is the time for you to do your part.


If God has been speaking to you about supporting this ministry in Israel, we welcome your support.

The best way at this time is by personal cheque and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about security you can register the letter. You can send Personal or Bank Cheques by airmail or registered mail. Money Orders are O.K. but U.S. Postal Money Orders cannot be cashed outside the USA

TO: Jerry Golden

PO Box 10268

Jerusalem 91102 Israel


Western Union Money Transfers,

They are expensive but sure and fast. Each transfer should be under $5000 to make it quick and without any Government problems.

Send it to Jerry Golden, in Israel. They will give you a number that you can email to me so I can pick it up at any Western Union Office in Israel.

We do not use PayPal.  They illegally withheld this ministry’s money for over 3 years.  To know more about Paypal click on www.paypalsucks.com


Information needed for a Bank transfer below:

Jerry Golden

Account Number 88292

Bank Hapoalim (Branch 690)

Code Swift: Poalilit

IBAN CODE IL53-0126-9000-0000-0088-292

Jerusalem, Israel


Your bank will most likely want the Bank address it is as follows.


Bank Hapoalim (Branch 690)

16 King George

Jerusalem 94229


It is important to know that any amount over $8,000 requires a lot of paper work and contracts so please keep each transaction under that amount.

As long as the mail is running it is still my belief that a personal check sent airmail, and if necessary, registered letter is the cheapest and fastest way to send support.

If God has touched you to bless this ministry in Israel, I don’t need to tell you how important this support is, and if He hasn’t touched you, there is no way I could make you understand.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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