You Can Believe God Will Bring The Jews Home

You Can Believe God Will Bring The Jews Home.

Anti-Semitic hatred in Europe is not only increasing but in places like Norway has been successful in running all the Jews out of the country. With only a few hundred Jews left in Norway and all of them now reporting that they are leaving as well for fear of their lives.

The Neo-Nazis in Germany are forcing Jews in parts of Germany to live in fear, and Jewish men dare not wear their Kippots (head covering) many have been beaten and Synagogues have been brunt down much like the 1930’s and 40’s.

France the largest concentration of European Jews has seen a several hundred percent increase in violence towards Jews and Jewish businesses over the past year. French Jew who can afford has bought homes and apartments in Israel as a last minute place to run to. Many American Jews have been doing the same thing.

In London they have built a new Mosque that holds up to 40,000 Muslim worshippers and it is not uncommon to see streets down town closed because the Muslims have decided to pray by the thousands in the middle of the streets while the police standby and do nothing, they are afraid to do anything.

If you live in the United States you might want to look at Detroit and Dearborn Michigan where there are Muslim neighborhoods the police will not go into for fear of their own life. Or for that matter you have noticed the Muslim women showing up with the traditional head scarf’s in your town. This should be a sign to you that you’re next.

God is saying very clearly and even loudly if your Jewish come home and Israel is your home in fact it has always been your home.

It’s nothing new for a me to tell you that war is coming soon to Israel, in fact, the whole world knows that, but what the world doesn’t know is God has made many promises to His people the Jews and He cannot lie. Regardless of what happens to Israel in the coming days, Israel will still be here and God will still bring His people the Jews home as He has promised. It’s also nothing new for me to tell you that war is coming to the United States and if you knew what I know you’d much rather be in Israel. For this is the place the Messiah will plant His feet, on the Mount of Olives.

The Bible that we read was inspired by the same God who loves the Jews and Israel, it was in fact written by Jews and the greatest Jew who ever lived Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Holy One of Israel) We have been warned that in the last days there would be many false prophets and liars who will deceive many and today we see and hear them trying to convince us of these lies but God’s Holy Word is the only truth that will set you free.

Over the past 48 hours over 100 rockets and missiles have been fallen on Israel towns in the south, our children are unable to go to school and have been hunkered down in bomb shelters for fear of their lives. Many killed, wounded and thousands suffers from shock and fear.

It seems that our Prime Minister and Defense Minister are more concerned about what the world will think if we bomb them like any other country would have done long ago. Can you imagine any other country in the world that would not have bombed them into total extinction?

Now we are getting rockets and missiles coming over from our northern border with Syria as their civil war continues to come closer to our border. Assad also becoming more likely to bring Israel into the battle in hopes of gaining some support from the Arab world, knowing that is the only common denominator that would bring them to his aid.

Iran and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon are becoming nervous over the possibly of Assad being forced out of power, even Russia will not allow that to happen. Turkey has been to some degree drawn into the fight with Syria but is doing all they can, not to allow it to escalate into a full blown war; they are having their hands full with the Kurds.

We hear in Israel cannot understand what is the problem with our leadership, how can they allow this go to on and on without wiping the enemy out. Don’t worry about what the world thinks, it is survival and in a war there are only a winner and a loser. And we cannot afford to lose, there is no place for us to go, we also know they will murder every man women and child if they should win, they take great pleasure in murdering, raping and cutting off heads, these are not nice people.

As you can see by what has been written in this report already it is not easy for someone to keep their mind and activity focused on saving Jewish lives with all the above happening all around you. But this is what we must do, and we will do. The past few years have been spent preparing to save as many Jewish lives as possible when those Jews who are left in Europe after the fireworks begin, and there is no other way to make it to Israel but by boat. We now have three boats and a couple others who have promised to join with us if we can provide the finances for fuel and crew. Many provisions must now be in place and we are really hurting for finances, we also need a larger boat one that will carry hundreds and they are for sale at really decent prices today in Turkey, but way out of our ability to buy at this time.

We have precious little time left to make the preparations and we need your help in a really big way. Please pray about what your part in this Ministry will be to save Jewish lives.

Please make a special prayer for Connie, Joel and those with them who will be coming across the Mediterranean by boat in the next few days, they are waiting on the weather to clear.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for your part in this Ministry.

Shalom, jerry golden

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